Democrats Want You to Believe the Immigration System Is Broken

Democrats Want You to Believe the Immigration System Is Broken

( – These days, it seems easier to catch a pesky mouse in an open field than it is to hear the Biden administration tell the truth. Politicians spin narratives. It’s what they do, and it’s what schools and businesses teach political communications experts to do on behalf of their clients or the government. The ones who are supposed to hold them accountable are the media, but we all know how that goes. They will always give the Left a pass when it matters.

Speaking of the administration and the press, on September 26, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas made the Sunday morning news show rounds. On Fox News, host Chris Wallace asked numerous questions that were direct and pointed. The secretary either evaded the questions, or he outright misinformed the public.

Let’s look at just a few of Mayorkas’ significant tidbits of misinformation.

The Immigration System Is Broken

This supposition is a common refrain from Democrats. Mayorkas claimed that the administration is working with a “broken system.” Notice they never tell us how it’s broken. It’s because they can’t. The system is only broken for those who don’t want to follow the law. It’s really that simple.

It’s not the executive branch’s job to pick and choose what laws they want to follow and which ones they’ll ignore because it doesn’t fit their left-wing agenda. For example, the Supreme Court recently ruled that the “Remain in Mexico” policy is legal. Is the Biden administration following it? Of course not. They just allowed thousands of illegal immigrants to step across the border and encamp in Del Rio, TX.

Second, the administration took heat from the Left for acknowledging it was using Title 42. The CBP says that the rule is important to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Title 42 is a provision in the law that suspends asylum and allows the executive branch to deport illegal immigrants immediately due to a crisis or pandemic. In Del Rio, they arbitrarily deported 2,000 Haitians out of up to 12,000. Mayorkas finally admitted that DHS flew the vast majority of the migrants into the heartland of the United States – and he said that number could go even higher.

Enforcement Guidelines in Place to Monitor Illegals Allowed Into the Country

This one is difficult to understand. Wallace informed Mayorkas, who already knows this, that 44% of illegal immigrants who apply for asylum never show up for their court hearings. This time, the secretary said it would be different. Really? Mayorkas says they have a process to track the illegal immigrants from Del Rio and ensure they make their court hearings. The government couldn’t follow them before and can’t now. There are aid groups that exist to help illegals blend into society. In far-left big sanctuary cities like New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, etc., they protect the illegals from the federal government.

Few, if any, are ever going to get deported.

Therein lies the great scam. The federal government says there is a process, but they say it’s broken. Which is it? What’s broken are the politicians who skirt the process and enable people to break the law in the first place.

The system is broken and needs reforming because the Left wants open borders and mass amnesty. In Joe Biden, they found an open border czar who refuses to enforce the law.

What the administration did in Del Rio was show future illegal immigrants how to game the system. On the Customs and Border Patrol website, a graph says everything you need to know. It shows the difference between 2018 through 2021. It’s striking. Through August, the CBP encountered 1.5 million illegal immigrants this year. It’s a new record that’s not even close to the previous ones.

So, while Mayorkas tries to suggest that this is nothing new, it is new. That’s the greatest mistruth of them all.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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