Democrats Unveil New Polluter Import Tax

Democrats Unveil New Polluter Import Tax

( – Tax and spend, tax and spend, the omnipresent call of Lefty Liberals. It’s surprising Democrats don’t have it emblazoned on T-shirts by now. However, this time they may have dug a deeper hole for themselves than usual if they manage to force their multi-trillion-dollar stimulus package through the Senate using reconciliation.

But wait; never fear. The Liberals may have found a simple solution. They decided to bury a clause in the human infrastructure proposal that imposes a new tax on imports from countries that lack aggressive policies to deal with climate change.

There’s only a handful of problems with the Democrat’s proposal. First, who decides what exactly constitutes an aggressive policy? The infrastructure bill fails to say.

As one might expect, that omission is in good company. Democrats also forgot to provide other key details, like which countries might be affected and how the US would enforce payments.

Truth be told, it appears this plan is just another in a long line of schemes designed to find another place to amass money to pay for whatever Leftist agenda item Democrats want to mark off their list.

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