Democrats Throw Biden Under the Bus Over Massive Losses

Democrats Throw Biden Under the Bus Over Massive Losses

( – On Wednesday, November 3, Democrats awoke to the reality they suffered a significant shellacking during nationwide elections. For instance, political newcomer Glenn Youngkin (R) handily defeated his Democratic opponent Terry McAuliffe to take the governor’s chair in Virginia. Republicans enjoyed similar victories in local and state elections elsewhere. But, true to form, Democrats eagerly tossed Biden under a runaway bus over the party’s massive losses.

Reports started circulating detailing chaos, panic, and finger-pointing within Democratic ranks shortly after the election results hit the press. For example, a senior-ranking Democratic leadership aide pointed to Biden’s inability to unite Democrats around meaningful legislative victories this year. “Doing nothing still concludes everything,” the aide remarked.

Most recently, Biden’s beloved reconciliation bill has been experiencing an agonizingly painful — and very public — death. As the aide pointed out, Biden and his lieutenants seem resistant to the idea of leading from the front. “There is risk-aversion bubble [looming] over the administration,” the aide concluded.

Why do you think Democrats have such a hard time assuming responsibility for their losses? The public has increasingly resisted the party’s effort to force their radical Progressive agenda on the country! Democrats should have seen this one coming. The rest of the country did, as evidenced by numerous polls leading up to Tuesday’s elections.

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