Democrats Take the LEAD — New Poll Is Out!

Democrats Take the Lead in Poll Before Midterms

Democrats Take the Lead in Poll Before Midterms

( – Conventional wisdom says that Republicans should sweep the upcoming midterm elections if historical precedent holds. Additionally, President Joe Biden’s abysmal approval ratings don’t help his party’s chances of retaining control of the House and Senate. Yet, a recent survey showed Democrats picking up their widest lead over their GOP counterparts.

On October 5, Morning Consult released the results of its latest national tracking poll conducted with Politico. The massive 359-page report detailing the survey’s crosstabulation results had a few surprises, most notably, the recent gain by Democrats.

The poll found that Democrats lead their Republican opponents by five percentage points on a generic ballot. Forty-nine percent (49%) of registered voters said they would support Democratic candidates; 44% said they favored Republicans, and 7% remained undecided. This result reflects the widest polling lead since Morning Consult/Politico started monitoring this metric in August.

Survey participants indicated the candidates’ positions on several key issues would play a key role in deciding who to vote for in the midterms.

  • The Economy: 81% major role, 16% minor role
  • Inflation: 78%, 17%
  • Abortion Access: 61%, 26%
  • Gun Policy: 60%, 30%
  • Jobs: 59%, 34%
  • Crime: 60%, 33%
  • Immigration: 53%, 36%
  • Voting Rights: 53%, 35%
  • Coronavirus 30%, 47%

Morning Consult/Politico conducted the poll between September 30 and October 2, using online interviews of a sampling of 2005 registered voters. The margin of error is +/- 2 percentage points.

This poll shows the importance of everyone getting out and voting on November 8.

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