Democrats Send Out MYSTERIOUS 255,000 Ballots

Democrats Send 255,000 Ballots to Unverified Voters in One State

Democrats Send 255,000 Ballots to Unverified Voters in One State

( – Concerns of a repeat of the highly-disputed 2020 general elections continue to increase with the midterm elections less than two weeks away. Making matters worse, Democratic operatives sent more than 255,000 mail-in ballots to unverified voters in Pennsylvania, a crucial battleground state in national races.

On October 25, Pennsylvania state Rep. Francis Ryan (R-Lebanon) issued a press release detailing discrepancies with the handling of absentee and mail-in ballots. Ryan and Rep. Dawn Keefer (R-Cumberland/York) sent a letter to acting Secretary of State Leigh Chapman (D) demanding action on recent revelations that county election officials sent about 240,000 ballots to unverified voters. According to the Gateway Pundit, Pennsylvania election watchdog Verity Vote recently increased that estimate to roughly 255,000. A total of 15 Republican lawmakers signed the correspondence.

The letter asked Chapman to direct statewide county officials to set aside unverified ballots. Likewise, local officials cannot pre-canvas, count, or correct mail-in ballots with non-matching identification until the voter provides a proper ID.

According to previous sworn testimony by Deputy Secretary of State Jonathan Marks, the Department of State is supposed to use the US Social Security Administration’s Help America Vote Verification system and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation data to verify an ID.

The letter also asks Chapman’s office to send a directive to county officials detailing their voter verification responsibilities and to submit proof they set aside all ballots from non-verified voters. Additionally, the Republican lawmakers asked for a list of the names of all voters submitting applications containing improper Social Security or state identification numbers.

It’s no wonder that inconsistencies such as these, have lead to a lack of confidence in the system.

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