Democrats Prepare to Go All In and Alone in “Transformative” Legislation

Democrats Prepare to Go All In and Alone in

( – When two parties are as far apart as today’s Democrats and Republicans are, there’s little middle ground to work with. Especially when Democrats are intent upon pushing through legislation they call “transformative.” It’s certainly transformative, alright. What the Left craves is the opportunity to overhaul the government, society, and economics — and, they’ll stop at nothing trying to achieve it.

That includes creating some intriguing political theater. Democrats hope the more they say they want Republicans to join them, the more the public will empathize with them when the GOP doesn’t. It’s manipulation at its best. Republicans will never go for radically overhauling government, empowering it as much as leftists want, and setting America up for a departure from liberty to more government control — and the Democrats know it.

Democrats Ready to Push Forward Without the GOP

It’s hard to imagine how quickly the Founding Fathers’ graves are rolling over right now as Democrats threaten to undo what they created. The Democrats enjoy about a 15-month window to advance their far-left goals before the 2022 midterm elections really kick-off. The faster they get their big-ticket legislative priorities introduced, the better the chances of getting them passed into law.

However, between the centrists in their party and Republicans in the Senate, they may struggle to pass some of their agenda. That’s not stopping them from declaring they may need to go it alone as they did on the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill. They’ll need to use the reconciliation budget process to do it.

What’s on the Democratic Agenda

With the GOP halting much of the liberal agenda in the Senate, House Democrats are growing weary of their bills getting stalled in the senior chamber. They want to pass healthcare and immigration reforms, climate change, minimum wage, and union rights legislation. However, they can’t introduce the bills as standalone, or the Democrats lose their leverage. By themselves, their agenda can’t pass.

So, they want to put them in two upcoming bills. One on a Green New Deal infrastructure bill and the other on drug pricing.

Problems Ahead

As the GOP continues to resist the leftist agenda, Democrats could be stuck. Reconciliation in the Senate only allows bills to be passed that directly impact the federal budget. As evidenced by the Senate parliamentarian’s ruling on the $15 minimum wage, it’s going to be hard for them to do.

As a result, some Democrats suggest the Senate ignore the parliamentarian and pass the legislation anyway without the GOP. It’s risky, but that never stopped a Democrat before.

They also may not secure the 218 votes needed to pass legislation in the House due to their razor-thin majority. Some moderate Democrats expressed concern after the 2020 election that they got their rear-ends kicked. If they feel jeopardized heading into 2022, moderates may buck the party to save their re-election chances.

It’s going to be interesting to observe how far the Left will go to achieve its goals. They believe there are options. However, each option is chock full of obstacles, just as intended when the Constitution was initially ratified in 1787.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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