Democrats Planning to Give $27,000 Checks to Illegals

Democrats Planning to Give $27,000 Checks to Illegals

( – New York Democrats are planning a massive cash handout to illegal immigrants and convicted felons, with criminals in line for checks more than TEN TIMES what American workers have received in stimulus payments.

On March 30, Politico reported that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo talked to state legislators about creating a new fund to make payments to released felons and illegal immigrants. Leftists claim these people need help because, thanks to the COVID pandemic, they couldn’t build up a work history that would qualify them for unemployment benefits. Now they want $2.1 billion of taxpayers’ money to give away.

Not all in the state are in support of the plan as one assemblyman tweeted.

The plan is to distribute immediate payments of up to $20,700, with up to $6,600 following as a second handout to illegals and released felons. By comparison, people who’re legally in the US and haven’t committed felonies only received $1,400 from the Biden administration. It’s pretty obvious that Democrats have given up on American workers and have prioritized criminals.

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