Democrats Plan Post-Midterm Impeachment

Use the Power of Silence

Warning: we’re about to use a dirty word that may not be appropriate for anyone with sense and the ability to use logic.
Yes, impeachment – because there’s a ridiculous rumor floating around that the incorrigible Left thinks they still have a chance of impeaching Trump. Despite the fact that they have repeatedly failed to show even a shred of proof that there’s anything to impeach him for, they’re going to try.
Will they succeed? No – and we’ll explain why.


• First, let’s talk a bit about this silly plan and what we know about it. Rumors first started circulating even before Trump stepped into office, but they’ve ramped up significantly. And a lot of that has to do with people suggesting the Left would take the House in November, both on social media and in Liberal media news outlets.
• The original reason was simple: the Left believed the President is a criminal from day one. They think he abused the tax system, took advantage of women and used shady practices to get into office, even though there’s zero proof of such bad behavior. We remind our readers that Trump has yet to be convicted of any crime.
• One of the biggest “reasons” the Left keeps pointing to is the fact that nearly 200 congressional candidates are suing Trump at the moment. The good news here is that there just isn’t much evidence that these lawsuits are anything but a straight-up sham. Not a single one has successfully ended in a judgement against our President.
• Is it possible that Trump may be found guilty in the future, either of a crime or in a lawsuit? Sure, the theoretical possibility exists, but that’s true for any American in this country. It’s hardly a reason to move for impeachment after midterm elections. “Innocent until proven guilty” also includes the President.
• How did we get from “claims that the President is a criminal yet unproven” to “we should impeach the President after mid-term elections,” especially after initial attempts at impeachment failed? The answer has to do with the topic of many of these lawsuits, which allege that the President violated the emoluments clause.
• The Emoluments Clause essentially prevents any President from taking gifts from foreign nationals as a bribe. It was originally created to prevent foreign governments from bribing American political leaders into granting them favors or taking certain actions.
• That’s important; in fact, it’s designed to protect us from outside influences, but it’s also being abused by Democrats in this case. When you hear how, you’ll come to the same conclusion we did: it’s hogwash.
• Essentially, the Left claims that when Saudi nationals booked space at Trump National Hotel, a legitimate business, they were effectively paying him a bribe so he would work with them. They believe this even though they were paying for a legitimate service, and even though Trump himself had very little to do with the bookings.
• Let’s break this down a bit. If we follow that logic, anytime a foreign national uses a business owned by a political leader on American soil, it means the leader is effectively taking a bribe. It doesn’t matter whether the leader is even involved in the transaction or if the party rents or buys the service of their own free will. Apparently leaders with businesses are supposed to track, and deny service to, all foreign individuals.
• There is no law saying political leaders can’t own businesses, nor is there a law that leaders who do should block foreign patrons. In fact, most of the Left would call it discriminatory if such a regulation existed.
• There ARE laws saying that the President can’t benefit from his presidency monetarily (e.g., by using it to boost his business), but this isn’t the same thing. It’s asinine to suggest it is.
• Trump shared his feelings on this topic recently, in early October 2018. “They’re saying, “We’ll impeach him!” he said, “Impeach him for what? For what?” There’s no evidence. There’s no proof. It’s a con game by the Left!
• The Left also believes that because the judge overseeing the emoluments case approved it, it “proves” Trump is guilty. This demonstrates a deep lack of understanding of our civil suit system. All a judge needs to approve a case to move forward is a tiny shred of plausibility; cases aren’t “proven” until they are officially heard in court and tried.
• In fact, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, who is overseeing the emoluments case, only said that there is “sufficient evidence” to try it – he never once said Trump was guilty. But that hasn’t stopped the jerks on the Left from engaging in conviction via social media and the public eye.
• Over the past two months, multiple Democrats have engaged in a renewed and coordinated attack designed to weaken faith in the President, and to a lesser degree, the Republican Party as a whole. Senator Richard Blumenthal called it “a bombshell victory enabling us to move forward to hold the president accountable for violating the chief corruption prohibition in the United States’ Constitution.”
• Rep. Maxine Waters also joined in on the fake frey, adding fuel to the fire in an early June press conference by suggesting she would “impeach 45”. This is the same woman who encouraged violence against the President, but this time, she was focused on immigration. “How dare you take the children and send them all across the country,” she said. “You are putting them in cages, and you think we’re going to stand there and let you do that?”
• This, too, defies logic; the President isn’t caging anyone. Border officials are following the law in every action they take. We cannot simply ignore the law to soothe bleeding hearts; that’s what puts our country at risk.
• Others have spoken out, too – all with the same lack of proof, and nearly all speaking out from the Left. This includes Al Green, who failed two prior impeachment attempts to the embarrassment of leaders, and Rep. Andrew Gillum, who has been calling for impeachment for months. And they’re being backed monetarily by Democratic billionaire Tom Steyer, who has his own national fund to support slandering the President.
• We know the emolument lawsuit is ridiculous; most of you do, too. But let’s entertain the possibility that Trump is found guilty of violating the emoluments clause. What might happen paints a very revealing picture of exactly why Democrats are pushing for this lawsuit.
• Essentially, if Trump is found guilty of violating the Constitution – even if he didn’t actually do it – it makes it much easier to push for impeachment. Impeaching the President would make it much easier for the Left to control change and roll back Trump’s changes, benefitting many of them financially and forcing the country to adhere to their strange moral standards.
• The lawsuit, the falsehoods, the rumors, and the antics from the Left right now are just a flagrant abuse of the legal system and an insult to the American people. But it’s still important for us – and everyone else – to GET OUT THERE and VOTE this November.
• Republicans have the power to tell the Left we don’t want anymore of their nonsense. We don’t have to take this silly distraction lying down. Let’s make sure that mindset is shared loud and clear when midterm elections arrive!