Democrats Pass Law Forcing All Cars to Have Kill Switch

Democrats Pass Law Forcing All Cars to Have Kill Switch

( – The Democrats have quietly launched another assault on personal liberties, and this time, they’re coming for your freedom to travel. America is a car-loving culture – but our government wants the power to immobilize any car at the flick of a switch.

President Biden invested a lot of political capital in pushing his infrastructure bill through Congress, relying on its name to gain bipartisan support – but as well as actual infrastructure spending, there are plenty of nasty surprises hidden in it. One of them is a new rule that would force all new cars from 2026 going forward to include a kill switch.

A section of the bill on “impaired driving technology” calls for all new vehicles to incorporate a monitoring system that can tell if the driver is debilitated; if the system thinks the driver is impaired, say from drinking too much, it will “prevent or limit motor vehicle operation” – in other words, immobilize the vehicle.

The problem with this idea is that the bill calls for the system to have a backdoor, allowing law enforcement to access it and operate the kill switch. That’s great if thieves steal your car; it’s not so great if you’re the victim of identity theft and officers shut down your vehicle until you can prove your innocence. And, of course, if cops can access the system, it’s only a matter of time before hackers can too.

Perhaps the scariest possibility would be a government move towards a “social credit” system like the one China uses, where rights become privileges the government grants or withdraws depending on how well you toe the party line. Could a future administration immobilize our cars because we don’t hold the correct political views? Because this bill would give them the ability to do it.

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