Democrats Raise Complaints But Not Solutions

Democrats Offer Complaints But Not Solutions

( – Democrats and Progressive Liberals across the country are up in arms about many topics that have been in the headlines recently. They protest, they riot, they create emotional soundbites, and they even start to propose and pass legislation. But what they don’t do is to provide alternatives to fill in the vacuum they’re leaving in their wake.

Defund/Disband the Police

One of the most loudmouthed socialists to take up space in Congress is Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), AOC, who’s taken up the rallying cry of “Defund the Police.” What she hasn’t done is provide any reasonable means to plug the hole that would leave and protect the citizens of America. In fact, when the New York City Council decided to take approximately $1.5 billion from the NYPD, she proclaimed it wasn’t enough saying, “Defund the Police Means Defund the Police.”

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the epicenter of the current upheaval, the city Council decided to effectively disband their police force. While they dicker about how far to take this nonsense — even to the point of transitioning to a police-free city – the MPD union is already warning about the effect this is having on protecting the public. Members of the Council, wishing to provide themselves the protection they would deny the citizens, have already eaten up over $152,000 in taxpayer money for armed private security for themselves.

Use of Force

The riots that had spread across the country, including the armed takeover of neighborhoods in Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, by groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa, have resulted in the death of innocents, and untold damage to property. Liberal politicians, however, have hamstrung the police and how they can deal with these issues by forbidding the use of tactics like:

  • Less than lethal ammunition — such as rubber bullets, beanbags, and the like.
  • Pepper spray and tear gas.
  • Chokeholds and other physical compliance maneuvers.

By taking away the arsenal of weapons that may injure rioters or looters, but are far less likely to result in death, they’re backing officers into a corner. When (not if — it will happen) the time comes that the men and women in blue are forced to protect their lives or those of citizens, they’ll have little choice but to shoot to kill, which is sure to escalate matters.

The question of whether these leftist politicians are acting out of pure unadulterated ignorance or if this is some sort of plot to create a crisis of monumental proportions to seize the White House and the Senate in the November elections is up for debate. The conspiracy-theory angle may almost be preferable because although it’s full of wrong-headed thinking, it means there’s some thought involved and not just a group of mindless zombies trying to run the country.

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