Democrats Harp on Barrett’s Medical Knowledge Instead of Legal Knowledge

Democrats Harp on Barrett's Medical Knowledge Instead of Legal Knowledge

( – The nomination process of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court kicked off on Monday, October 12. It felt more like a hearing to nominate a new head to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) than a Supreme Court justice. Democrats attempted to portray Barrett as a threat to Obamacare as they went on the offensive in preparation for election day in a few weeks.

There isn’t much the Democrats can do to stop the confirmation of the very conservative judge to the high court. However, instead of persuading Republicans to vote against her, they chose to use healthcare to put political pressure on vulnerable Republican incumbents and to treat the hearing like a “get out the vote” campaign to mobilize liberal voters.

Barrett Is Not a Healthcare Expert

Amy Coney Barrett has a distinguished legal career. She’s an expert in Constitutional law, not healthcare. She was a law professor at Notre Dame law school, not a medical resident. She wrote for Cornell Law Review, not a medical journal. She’s a nominee to the US Supreme Court, not the HHS.

However, anyone paying attention to the hearings might not have known that. Democrats are claiming that she was nominated to do Trump’s bidding to get rid of Obamacare. However, that’s only one of the hundreds of big cases she might see in a lifetime on the Supreme Court. This demonstrates how the Democrats are trying to turn a bad situation for them into something good.

The Supreme Court is set to hear a case about Obamacare the week after the election. Many legal scholars believe the entirety of the law will not be thrown out. On Monday, during a Fox News segment, George Washington University Constitutional Law Professor Jonathan Turley said the law is likely to be “severed.” That means parts of the law remain intact, and other parts will not. Therefore, people will not lose their insurance as Democrats claim. The point is that Democrats are simply politicizing the court for political gain.

The Democrats Goal

Liberals and Democrats don’t view the Supreme Court as a form of checks and balances, or as a neutral body instituted to ensure personal liberties and interpret the Constitution as it’s written. Instead, they see it as an extension of the legislature to protect and advance their policy goals.

If they can discredit Barrett on Obamacare, perhaps it will reinforce a narrative that Republicans don’t want people to live. It’s absurd, but that’s what they claim. They truly believe hyperbole will help them win elections by de-legitimizing the court and demonizing rulings.

Democrats are playing the long game, not the short one. There isn’t much else they can do at this point. Republicans have the votes to confirm a new justice unless something goes very wrong this week.

Their long-term game and agenda were on full display on Monday. Don’t expect the rest of the week to be much different.

Stay tuned. We’ll inform you of the important issues that come out of the rest of the hearings.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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