Democrats First House Bill Sets Stage for Voter Fraud

Democrats' First House Bill Sets Stage for Voter Fraud

( – The Democrats have barely won one election, and they’re already hard at work plotting to steal the next one. On Monday, January 25, a Dem congressman introduced a bill that could turn some of the most outrageous voter fraud techniques into federal election law.

Representative John Sarbanes (D-MD) introduced the first bill of the 117th Congress on January 25, and it’s horrifying. Ironically named, For The People Act claims to resolve the problems that cursed November’s election. In fact, it just guarantees they’ll happen – legally – at every election from now on.

The bill calls for states to be stripped of the right to set their own election standards, handing that power to the federal government and requiring states to encourage fraud-prone postal ballots. It would effectively ban voter ID laws and make it illegal for a state to ask voters to prove their identity by supplying their full social security number. If this bill passes, we may never again see a Republican president.

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