Democrats Denounce Christianity

The Liberal agenda against religion has been an unfortunate staple of our society for far too long. Leftist movements against religion (particularly Christianity) are typically confined to individuals or small intolerant organizations. Now, the fight for America’s soul is much larger.

The Democratic party just officially denounced Christian values while propping up their morality of atheism.

Those most loudly claiming that morals, values, and patriotism must be defined by their particular religious views have used those religious views, with misplaced claims of “religious liberty,” to justify public policy that has threatened the civil rights and liberties of many Americans, including but not limited to the LGBT community, women, and ethnic and religious/nonreligious minorities …

-Democrat resolution

How can Democrats lie about Christianity’s exclusion of the LGBTQ community when there countless churches and faith groups dedicated to promoting their cause? Jesus loves anyone who lets Him into their life regardless of age, race, or sexual orientation. Goodwill to all of mankind is a primary tenet in Christianity, which is something the Left conveniently forgets.

Democrats are simply trying to equate the worst examples of Christians (like the Westboro Baptist Church) with EVERY Christian. We’ve come to expect Dems to be dishonest, but they’re taking their lies to an entirely new level. Rejecting the most widely-celebrated faith in the country isn’t how we keep America great.

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