Democrats Challenge Georgia Election

Democrats Challenge Georgia Election
Democrats Challenge Georgia Election

A group of Democrats in Georgia is challenging the state’s election process this week by filing a lawsuit against the state. Backed by candidate Stacey Abrams and the organization Fair Fight Action, it seeks to force the state into making changes, something Abrams herself swore to do shortly before midterm elections.


• Far Fight Action officially filed a lawsuit against Secretary of State Robyn Crittenden and a small selection of state election board members. They are asking the judge presiding over the case to force the state to fix what they perceive as “unjustness” in Georgia’s election process.
• The group’s concerns are numerous, but primarily, they take issue with the fact that Brian Kemp (Abram’s opponent) also served as the state’s top election official. They believe this is a conflict of interest, especially as Kemp later declared himself the victor and stepped down as elections official only after he had won, not before he campaigned.
• Abrams foreshadowed the lawsuit back on November 16 at a press conference. There, she advised supporters the lawsuit was “for the gross mismanagement of this election and to protect future elections from unconstitutional actions.”
• It isn’t yet clear whether Kemp manipulated anything behind the scenes; certainly, there isn’t any evidence to support it right now. But Abram’s group has consistently accused him of mismanaging the election, “to sway it in his favor.”
• Fair Fight Action also alleges that Kemp actively worked to suppress voter turnout – specifically from Black Americans in Georgia. As you might expect, we have yet to see any hard evidence to support that, either.
• Abrams claims Kemp also hid uncounted ballots, destroyed ballots, and threw out ballots over handwriting issues that would not normally be enough to disqualify a ballot. She called him, “the handwriting police,” and pointed to long lines and unused, broken ballot machines as proof of manipulation.
• Lastly, the rebuked Democratic incumbent also takes issue with Georgia’s “exact match” rule. Under Georgia state law, voter information presented at polling stations must match registration information exactly. Any differences in name, gender, age, or anything else associated will instantly disqualify the voter.
• It’s difficult to say exactly what will happen in this situation just yet. To play devil’s advocate, Kemp probably should have stepped down before he campaigned, if only to present a more unbiased front. But that doesn’t mean he manipulated, lied or swindled to change the vote.
• It also doesn’t mean Abrams would have won if he had stepped down earlier on. Sneaking suspicions suggest that just might be what this is really all about… and we all know underhanded tactics are the Left’s specialty.