Democrats Call Trump a Plague on the Land

Democrats Call Trump a Plague on the Land

( – For five years, the Democrats have tried every attack line they could to rid the country of Donald Trump. They concocted the Russian collusion hoax. They impeached him for a standard that would literally have gotten every president before him impeached. They called him a liar and a racist. From day one after the 2016 election, they decided they knew better for America than the voters who elected him president. Now, the Democrats and liberal media are turning to one last thing: talk of Biblical plagues.

That’s right, the Bible. It’s the one thing they haven’t tried to weaponize against President Trump. Surprisingly, they’ve come this far because those using it against him are secular liberals who don’t even believe in the Bible. But, misrepresentation and the facts never stopped them before.

Trump Is the Symbol for the Plague of the Land

The growing confirmation of sicknesses circling Trump’s orbit unleashed the anti-Trump media to start comparing Trump’s sickness with Biblical plagues and cries that it was well-deserved payback.

Liberal op-ed writer Maureen Dowd said in the New York Times that Trump’s diagnosis “felt Biblical.” She went on to write that the virus had “come to his door,” and that Trump suffered the same fate the experts said would happen if he didn’t comply with their orders to lock down the country and wear a mask.

Dowd lifted the story of Passover in Exodus 12 to make her point. Moses told the people to put the blood of a goat over each door and the doorposts’ sides. When the Spirit of the Lord saw it, He would not enter and take the firstborn child for the sins of Egypt and the deliverance of Israel from slavery. Dowd lifted parts of the story to suggest the virus has the power to take down its unbelievers and that Trump was warned and didn’t listen.

Dowd wasn’t alone. In The Guardian, writer Geoffrey Kabaservice called Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis a “karmic retribution” for the president’s alleged “irresponsible pursuit of partisan advantage over national interests.” For one, it’s comical that only Trump is partisan. However, Kabaservice’s point is that plagues were divine punishment during medieval times for sinful activities.

CNN contributor John Avalon referred to COVID-19 as a “plague,” and the president “downplayed the pandemic and wearing of masks” and mocked him for contracting it.

Democrats Try to Establish Moral Authority Over Trump and Conservatives

From the media talking about plagues to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) blaming Trump’s actions for contracting COVID-19, they are trying to create a moral equivalency. Their point is if Trump enacted the lockdowns for a longer time, wore masks, and followed their science, he would have never gotten sick, and the country would overcome the virus.

They say Trump’s true crime is that he didn’t listen to the experts, which isn’t true, and that science has all the answers to all our problems, which also isn’t accurate.

In late March, President Trump said the cure couldn’t be worse than the disease. Yet:

Wearing a Lab Coat and Running an Entire Country Are Not Equivalent

Being a scientist and running a country are two different things. The first can afford tunnel vision. The other must balance numerous considerations. In this case, Democrats now want to label Trump as the plague instead of COVID-19.

What the “plague” is apparently admonishing is skepticism about the long-term impact of lockdowns and doubt about whether experts really have the answers to the scientific and moral dilemmas. It’s also the difference between everyday Americans trying to live their lives and the elitists who are dictating to them.

If Trump did one thing through all of this, it was to ask America to take a risk. In doing so, he also took the risk with the country. Good leaders never ask someone to take a risk they aren’t willing to take themselves.

He may be labeled as a plague today by the media, but those who study leadership may praise him in the future.

Until then, the liberal media and Democrats have nothing to offer other than false notions and fake morality. Their goal is not to lead America; it’s to lord over America. If there is a plague, it’s the Democrat’s lust for power at all costs.

The question is, will America recognize who the real plague is before it’s too late?

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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