Democrats Are Paying for Illegals’ Healthcare Using Taxpayer Money

Democrats Are Paying for Illegals' Healthcare Using Taxpayer Money

( – Republican-led states like Florida and Texas are working overtime to stem the rising tide of illegal migrants flooding into the country thanks to the permissive immigration policies embraced by the Biden White House. Inversely, states run by Democrats like Illinois are enacting laws to provide services like healthcare at taxpayer expense to illegal immigrants.

On April 15, the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services announced the launch the expansion of its healthcare program for immigrants. Illinois launched the nation’s first program covering immigrants in 2020. The Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults program includes coverage for undocumented migrants and some legal permanent residents.

Individuals must meet the following requirements for eligibility for benefits under the new program:

  • They are 55 to 64 years old (beginning on July 1, the program will expand to cover individuals 42 to 54).
  • They are an undocumented immigrant or permanent resident for less than five years.
  • Have an annual income below $18,755 for one individual. The requirements parallel those for Medicaid as specified by Obamacare. You can find additional information regarding income requirements at

Illinois residents aged 19 to 64 may receive comparable healthcare coverage under Obamacare, provided their income doesn’t exceed 138% of the federal poverty level. Additionally, residents can qualify for Illinois’ Medicaid program if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Are pregnant
  • Care for a person 18 or younger
  • Are disabled or live with a family member with a disability
  • Are 65 or older

What do you think about illegal migrants getting taxpayer-funded healthcare services?

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