Democrats Advocate for Illegal Immigrants, Biden Team Concerned

Democrats Advocate for Illegal Immigrants, Biden Team Concerned

( – The US Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the only agency in the federal government tasked with deporting illegal immigrants. For years, Democrats have derided the agency and called for its abolishment.

Meanwhile, in California, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has shut down much of the state’s economy to combat COVID-19. The state is reeling with controversies and economic issues as a result. However, that’s not stopping the state legislature from trying to apply pressure to potential President-Elect Biden and Congress over illegal immigration.

Last week, Democratic lawmakers in the nation’s most populous state introduced a joint resolution calling for the end of ICE. California’s Democratic-led legislature believes Democrats in Washington are ready to act on the liberal wish list now that they may have a Democratic president. Unfortunately for California Democrats, resolutions do not carry the weight of law and only serve to express the opinions of legislators who support them.

The wish list of open border resolutions could be wishful thinking.

Democrats Facing Too Much Scrutiny

Throughout the election, Democrats got beat up over the defund the police movement. As a result, Republicans reduced the Democrats House majority to the smallest margin in nearly a century. As big cities led by Democrats continue to push their far-left agenda, it’s alienating and hurting moderate Democrats who voiced their concerns immediately after the election. Not only are the Democrats’ margins in the House smaller, Republicans only need to win one of two Senate seats in runoff elections in Georgia to keep the majority in the upper chamber.

The likelihood of Democrats pushing through a bill to nix ICE is virtually non-existent.

However, there is another risk for Democrats on the messaging front. By adding open borders as another far-left agenda issue, California Democrats could hurt their party members across the country much as the defund the police issue did. If forced to confront illegal immigration, moderate Democrats in swing districts will have to make a choice. Should they stay with their party and fall in line, or risk losing and giving the House back to Republicans in 2022?

Biden Team Apprehensive

During the 2020 election primaries and general election, then-Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden never promised to close ICE. Instead, the former vice president said the agency would receive more oversight in light of the criticism he received for how ICE conducted its business during the time he served with former President Obama.

Over the last month, the Southern border has experienced a surge in detentions. That’s prompting some Biden advisors to recommend keeping some of President Trump’s immigration policies in place to avoid encouraging more people to travel north to the US Border.

The increase in illegal immigrants at the Southern border could force Biden to abandon his promises, even if it’s only temporary. The questions the transition team faces include what policies should they change, and when?

While some Democrats advocate for illegal immigrants, it’s a risky proposition. The far-left has a massive agenda, and there isn’t enough political capital to accomplish some of it, let alone all of it. As it stands, they likely won’t pass any of their agenda if Republicans hold the Senate.

The only ones the far-left Democrats may be helping as they push illegal immigration are Republicans in 2022.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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