Democratic Senator Says a “Revolt” Will Happen Unless Gun Control Passes

Democratic Senator Says a

( – A Democratic senator has issued chilling threats about what will happen if the Biden administration’s latest attempt at gun control isn’t given a free pass. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) says people will “revolt” if the Supreme Court keeps upholding the Second Amendment. With Leftists already using mob violence against anyone they disagree with, is it wise for a legislator to use this kind of incendiary language?

Talking to NBC’s “Meet The Press” on May 14, Murphy told host Chuck Todd that if the Supreme Court keeps issuing judgments like the 2022 one that struck down New York’s unconstitutional restrictions on concealed carry, the American people won’t tolerate it. He said if the Court strikes down universal background checks or bans on so-called “assault weapons,” he thinks “there’s going to be a popular revolt over that policy.”

Murphy argued that the tide is turning in favor of gun control, saying even red states are bringing in new restrictions. He cited Tennessee, which is considering “red flag” laws to allow confiscation of guns from people who’re causing concern, and Texas, which is considering age restrictions on some rifles.

However, he seems to be mistaking these sensible moves for a victory for gun control advocates. He’s claiming the 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller decision gives Congress the right to regulate and restrict what kind of guns people are allowed to own, and said, “we need to operate under that construct.”

The senator also attacked the Supreme Court itself, saying it’s “already pretty illegitimate.” Last year even senior Democrats were forced to speak out over illegal protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices. By discussing inflammatory subjects like “popular revolt,” Murphy could be encouraging more of this type of intimidation against our top judges.

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