Democratic Mayors Creating Nightmares for Congressional Democrats

Democratic Mayors Creating Nightmares for Congressional Democrats

( – The loss of reality is astounding. In 2020, major US cities defunded their police anywhere from millions to billions of dollars. In the wake of Democratic efforts to reform police by cutting them off at the knees, crime spiked significantly and never abated. In recent months, criminals have become emboldened. It started when thieves walked into retail stores with garbage bags, filled them in front of customers, and walked out with thousands of dollars in merchandise with no consequences.

Over the last few months, a new phenomenon developed in Democratic-led cities. Thieves organized together and started smash-and-grab robbery operations of high-end retailers. Instead of implementing security protocols, mayors blame retailers for the problem or deny it exists altogether. It’s leading them to face fire for unfathomable statements, and it’s putting the GOP in a prime position to launch political attacks against vulnerable Democrats as the party of law and order.

Democratic Mayors Under Fire

Crime and violence are plaguing the Democratic-led cities of Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia, among others. Instead of responding with appropriate public safety measures, Democratic leaders in big cities are pointing fingers at everyone but themselves.

In Chicago, Mayor Mary Lightfoot blamed retailers for the flood of smash-and-grab robberies in her city. She accused stores of not protecting their property, employees, or merchandise. Up until recently, it was never a problem. Retailers pushed back against Lightfoot and said there is only so much they can do, short of turning their stores into armed camps. They argued that retail doesn’t work the way the Mayor suggests and that it’s impossible to put everything under lock and key.

In New York City, outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio is in full-blown denial weeks before leaving office. Incoming Mayor-Elect Eric Adams was a former NYC police captain who’s taking a very different stance against crime and rioting. Mayor de Blasio believes that his eight-year reign resulted in significant reductions in crime in the city and stated it’s much safer now than when he took office. The New York City Police Department said overall crime increased 11.2% in October compared to a year ago. Robberies, felony assaults were up double digits.

In Philadelphia, police say homicides increased 13% in 2021 over 2020. Yet, far-left District Attorney Larry Krasner stated the city doesn’t have a crime, violence, or lawlessness problem. Krasner later walked back his statement and apologized.

Democratic Mayors Helping GOP

In 2020, Republicans successfully used the defund the police movement against Democrats. Citizens are right to be concerned about public safety, but the Left appears to be more interested in protecting the bad guys over citizens. The GOP successfully defended every incumbent seat and shockingly defeated 16 vulnerable Democrats. The police, crime, and defunding police were prominent campaign issues.

On Sunday, December 12, an ABC/Ipsos poll revealed that Democratic-led city lawlessness is severely impacting President Joe Biden’s approval rating. The poll found that only 43% of people approve of how Biden is handling crime.

Once again, Democrats could be on the defensive over public safety next year. Democratic mayors are only making matters worse for residents and their fellow party members running for office up and down the ballot.

Before Democrats get a wild hair and say Republicans are politicizing crime, they may want to stop and ask their constituents for their opinions on the matter. After all, they could be the ones voting against them.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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