Democrat Mayor in DC Denied Troop Deployment — Again

Democrat Mayor in DC Denied Troop Deployment

Democrat Mayor DENIED – U.S. Military Responds!

( – On April 6, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced his decision to start busing migrants to Washington, DC, in response to President Joe Biden’s lax border policies. The following week, he confirmed the first immigrants had arrived in the nation’s capital. As of August 19, Texas has transported more than 7,000 aspiring US citizens to DC, prompting the city’s Democratic mayor to plead for federal assistance, to no avail.

Mayor Muriel Bowser submitted two formal requests to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, asking him to deploy the DC National Guard (DCNG). According to her, city officials needed help preventing a so-called “prolonged humanitarian crisis” resulting from a sudden influx of migrants “in need of assistance.”

The Defense Department rejected Bowser’s first request on August 4, citing concern about the possible ramifications of her “open-ended request.” She followed up with a second letter on August 11. But, the Pentagon declined to activate the DCNG for a second time on August 22, sparking a Twitter-tantrum meltdown by the mayor.

Bowser began her rant by promising to provide a “humane setting” for migrants. However, she quickly turned to open hostility toward Gov. Abbott, calling his actions a “politically motivated stunt” designed to overwhelm the District’s resources. She ended her thread with an attempt to exploit the situation by calling for DC statehood.

Perhaps it’s time for the Democratic mayor to rethink her 2016 reaffirmation of Washington, DC, as a sanctuary city.

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