Democrat Legislators Outraged Over Biden’s Apathy

Democrat Legislators Outraged Over Biden's Apathy

( – Joe Biden characterized his presidential campaign as a “battle for the soul of America.” Once he assumed office, all too often, the sounds of that battle diminished to the whisper of crickets chirping. He has remained silent on issues important to Progressives like abortion and critical pieces of legislation at vital times for Democrats.

For example, progressive Democrats expressed outrage at Biden’s decision to remain silent in the waning days and hours before the June 22 Senate vote on whether to debate Democrats’ election bill, the For the People Act. As expected, Republicans filibustered the measure, effectively stalling the legislation indefinitely — perhaps permanently.

The far-Left had hoped Biden would use his bully pulpit to try to either push the needle in favor of the bill or come up with another way to block states from passing their own election measures.

Democrats claimed the future of American democracy relies on the passage of the bill. Yet, Biden remained AWOL on the measure before a critical vote, effectively allowing it to “crash and burn” in the Senate.

Biden’s superpower appears to involve raising the hopes of Progressives only to shatter them with his “do-nothing” attitude when the going gets tough. On the other hand, that’s a good thing for Conservatives.

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