Democrat Leaders Are Blaming Jews for Their Losses

Democrat Leaders Are Blaming Jews for Their Losses

Democrats ATTACK JEWS – They Come Right Out And Say It

( – Pro-Israel political action committees (PACs) and lobbying organizations have figured out that the key to defeating unacceptable candidates is to wipe them out during their primary races. So after several particularly stinging defeats, Democrats are blaming the Jewish-backed groups for their losses.

A perfect case involves a former Ohio state senator, Nina Turner. Several months after she launched her 2021 campaign for the US House, Pro-Israel America and Democratic Majority for Israel endorsed her primary opponent, Shontel Brown — pumping nearly $3 million into her election bid.

Predictably, Turner lost, and she suffered the same fate during her 2022 effort. She blamed her losses on the pro-Israel groups, calling their donations “evil money.”

Likewise, a pair of Democratic incumbents fought to retain a House seat against each other due to recent redistricting in Michigan. Pro-Israel candidate Rep. Haley Stevens (D-MI) received the backing of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). She handily defeated Rep. Andy Levin (D-MI) during their August 2 primary.

As one might expect, Levin supporters cried foul, blaming AIPAC for his resounding defeat. Turner also weighed in, claiming the pro-Israel group “bought another seat.”

However, as The Times of Israel reported in July, Levin readily admitted that AIPAC turned against him because of his long-standing support for the Palestinian people.

Ironically, Levin also pointed out that he’s only “one of two former synagogue presidents” currently serving in Congress. That’s right; he is a Jew who cried foul when his fellow believers took issue with his policy positions regarding Palestine.

What do you think about Democrats blaming Jews for their losses?

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