Democrat Lawmaker Censured for Housing Fugitive

Democrat Law Maker Censured for Housing Fugitive

( – A state legislator has been censured after letting an activist hide in her office to avoid being questioned by cops. The incident happened after a Left-wing mob stormed the Oklahoma State Capitol last month. Now the lawmaker is refusing to apologize for her behavior.

On February 6, as Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (R) gave his State of the State address, the capitol building was invaded by around 150 trans activists protesting against bills that would prevent “gender-affirming” surgical mutilation of children. Legislators weren’t intimidated, though, and passed the bills anyway. That provoked more protests, which escalated into assault; last week, activist Austin Ross poured water on State Representative Bob Ed Culver (R) and then fought with cops. He then hid in the office of State Representative Mauree Turner (D) — and when police pursued, Turner locked the door and refused to let them inside the room.

The suspect was finally questioned and arrested on charges of assault and battery of a police officer, and Turner was condemned for sheltering him. On March 7, the state legislature passed a censure motion against her and asked for a formal apology to law enforcement and the people of Oklahoma. If she fails to apologize, she faces being stripped of all committee assignments.

So far, however, Turner is refusing. Her reply to the censure motion was to say, “I think an apology for loving the people of Oklahoma is something that I cannot do… it’s something that I actively refuse to do.” The representative, a Muslim who claims to be “non-binary” and uses they/them pronouns, says her office is a safe space. Other Dems are backing her up; House Minority Leader Cyndi Munson claims Turner is being “silenced” because she acts and dresses differently and claims that locking cops out of her office wasn’t obstructing them. House Speaker Charles McCall disagrees and says he won’t allow legislators to interfere with police.

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