Democrat Candidate QUIETLY Owns Stock in Company She Attacks

Democrat Candidate Invests in Same Company She Attacks

Democrat Candidate Invests in Same Company She Attacks

( – Former Olympic gold medalist Monica Tranel mounted unsuccessful campaigns for Montana’s Public Service Commission as a Republican in 2004 and as a Democrat in 2020. Currently, she’s running against former President Donald Trump’s Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke for Montana’s newly-reformed 2nd congressional district. In a stunning display of hypocrisy, a recent report revealed she invested in a company she’s attacking on the campaign trail.

On September 27, The Washington Free Beacon published a searing exposé detailing Tranel’s war against Airbnb. Remarkably, her mandatory Financial Disclosure Report lists an investment in the short-term homestay company of somewhere between $15,001 and $50,000.

Tranel has prioritized the need for increased affordable housing as a campaign issue. Her 4-Point Working Families Affordability Plan discusses the need for new laws to prevent corporations and other “predatory entities” from “manipulating” housing markets and driving up costs by renting out second homes on a short-term basis when those homes could be rented as residences for Montanans.

The aspiring politician targeted the “proliferation of Airbnb” the last few years in a questionnaire for Montana candidates circulated before Montana’s June primary elections. She claimed that Airbnb, other short-term rental companies, and corporate home purchases were driving up housing costs. She also cited the need to target those companies with new legislation to give working-class families “a fair shot at owning and renting a home.”

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