Democrat Candidate Loses Race After Conviction

Democrat Candidate Loses Race After Conviction

Notable Democrat LOSES Re-Election After She’s Convicted

( – Delaware’s state auditor lost a primary to a rival from her own party on Wednesday, weeks after she was convicted of multiple crimes. Kathy McGuinness was charged with theft and witness intimidation last year. In July, she was found guilty — but she still tried to cling to her job.

Delaware Democrats chose their candidate for the role of state auditor on September 13, and it turned into a crushing defeat for incumbent Kathy McGuinness. In October 2021, a grand jury charged McGuinness with felony theft and witness intimidation, along with several misdemeanors.

This July, she was cleared of the felonies but convicted of Official Misconduct, Structuring, and Conflict of Interest — the first time a Delaware statewide official has ever been convicted while in office. Nevertheless, McGuinness argued that she should be allowed to stay in her job, and the speaker of the state House refused to remove her until she’s sentenced.

Now, voters have done that job for him. With 95% of the votes counted, Democrat rival Lydia York has 69.9% of the votes, and McGuinness hasn’t won a single district. Now York will face Republican candidate Janice Lorrah in November, and Kathy McGuinness will be looking for a new job — if anyone will hire her.

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