Dem Lawyer Already Pushing For SECOND Impeachment

Dem Lawyer Already Pushing For SECOND Impeachment

Fanatical Democrats are pushing ahead with their attempt to impeach President Trump, even in the face of fading support from the public and some in their own party. It’s possible there won’t be enough votes in the House in favor of impeachment; it’s almost certain there won’t be enough in the Senate. Most rational people would be about ready to give up — but one Democrat lawyer is already urging his fellow leftists to get ready for a second attempt.

Neal Katyal, a former acting solicitor general under the Obama administration, tweeted Thursday that if the president isn’t impeached this time around, there’s nothing to stop the new Senate trying again after the election. As Katyal helpfully pointed out, the impeachment process lacks important safeguards — like double jeopardy — that exist in other types of trials.

Of course, the real message here is that none of this is about justice. Many Democrats started working to impeach President Trump the moment he was elected. If he faces a trial in the Senate and is cleared of all the accusations against him, people like Katyal won’t care. The moment Trump wins another election they’ll try to impeach him again because they know they can’t beat him any other way.

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  1. Those Dems are a bunch of psychotic losers and, I must say, shooting themselves in their own feet!!!! They have wasted enough of the country’s money on these crazy little charades they pull!!!!!!! Why don’t they stop. look, and think about what they are doing to this country and future presidents??????

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