Dem Governors Under Assault

Dem Governors Under Assault

( – As America moves to return to normal in the wake of a devastating pandemic, Democrat governors have actively stood in the way of economic rebuilding. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has promised that it will look to protect civil liberties if state authorities overstep their boundaries. Now, citizens are also doing what they can to hold their leaders accountable.

This is spelling big trouble for Democratic governors across the country, and they’re clearly not happy about it.

Here’s an overview of what’s happening to blue state governors as they try to keep their economies and populaces locked down.

  • Michigan is arguably the most high-profile example of resistance against its governor Gretchen Whitmer (D). She attempted to extend emergency measures by another 28 days without legislative approval. A court ruling on the matter is expected this week.
  • Wisconsin’s state Supreme Court overruled stay-at-home orders imposed by Governor Tony Evers (D), who also side-stepped the state’s legislative body.
  • Governor Gavin Newsom (D) of California is looking at many lawsuits over violations of the First and Second Amendments.
  • Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear (D) also joins Newsom in being faced with lawsuits for violating the Constitution. He banned mass protests, which goes against the First Amendment.

Overall, Democratic governors who are attempting to use the law as a cudgel for their own political agenda aren’t going unchallenged.

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