Dem Governors: No Vaccine, No Opening

Dem Governors: No Vaccine, No Opening

( – The US economy is staggering under the massive blow dealt by the Chinese coronavirus. Now that we’ve survived the peak of the pandemic, the next step is to minimize the scale of the economic damage, and the administration is trying to get as many people as possible back to work where it’s safe to do that. Unfortunately, some state governors and city mayors have turned out to be so timid they just want to hide under the blanket until someone makes the bad virus go away.


The US has been locked down for about as long as a modern economy can batten down the hatches and still hope to survive. We’ve weathered the worst of the viral storm; now the time has come to get things moving again.

  • Most states are now taking the first steps to lift the lockdown measures. Governors and state legislatures have been developing plans to get important, but “non-essential” businesses open again and have laid out roadmaps for progressively opening the rest.
  • However, there are a few holdouts – and they all seem to be Democrats. Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan has already attracted controversy thanks to her strict lockdown. Now, she’s saying many restrictions will have to stay in place until a vaccine is available in mass quantities.
  • Illinois governor JB Pritzker (D) says until there’s a vaccine or effective treatment, “the option of returning to normalcy doesn’t exist.”
  • New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy, a Dem like Whitmer and Pritzker, says the lockdown will continue “for the foreseeable future,” until either a vaccine or proven treatment is available.
  • Democrat LA mayor Eric Garcetti also says his city won’t reopen until there’s a vaccine; for example, he says schools won’t be fully reopening come fall.
  • The common themes here are these refuseniks are all against unlocking until there’s a vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus — and they’re all Democrats.
  • The reality is a vaccine probably won’t exist for years – and may never exist. The fastest-ever vaccine development in history was the mumps vaccine in the late 1960s, and that took four years from collecting virus samples to the vaccine being licensed for use. We can’t stay locked down for four years. It just isn’t possible – and Whitmer, Murphy and the rest know it.

So why are they being so cautious? They can’t honestly believe that staying in lockdown for four years or longer is viable. There has to be a suspicion that their real goal is to stay locked down until November, causing massive job losses and economic chaos in a bid to damage President Trump’s popularity.

Whatever they say, it isn’t public health that’s driving their refusal to reopen; it’s pure politics.

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