Dem Congressman Warns Against Impeachment

Dem Congressman Warns Against Impeachment
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The big news right now is the latest attempt to unseat President Trump through legal, instead of democratic, processes. With many Democrats hell-bent on impeachment — even if there’s no reason to impeach — the tension within the American Left is ratcheting up fast. Speaker Nancy Pelosi resisted impeachment proceedings for a while before caving in. Now another House Dem has spoken up in an attempt to end the madness.


Representative Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) isn’t impressed with the impeachment hearings being pushed by many in his party. As someone who’s been active in Democratic Party politics for close to 30 years, you wouldn’t expect him to be a huge fan of a Republican president — and, sure enough, he isn’t. However, he’s now issued a warning to his fellow Democrats that defying the will of the voters isn’t going to end well.

  • Van Drew, a former New Jersey state senator who entered Congress earlier this year, appeared on Wednesday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight. Audiences probably expected the now-standard Dem denunciations of the Trump administration — but that’s not what they got.
  • Criticizing the hyper-partisan state of American politics, Van Drew said, “People will say ‘your job is to be a good Democrat or a good Republican’ — your responsibility and job is to be a good American.”
  • According to the congressman, impeachment is a serious undertaking that shouldn’t be misused. “When you impeach someone it has to be for a really strong reason,” he said. He went on to remind Democrats that by impeaching a president, Congress is effectively disenfranchising everyone who voted for him. Even if impeachment is justified, it’s an undemocratic move — so there has to be a very good reason to take such a dramatic step.
  • Another issue right now, he said, is that the obsession with impeachment is preventing the government from actually doing its job. Van Drew highlighted several areas he’d like to see Congress spend its time on, including health care, infrastructure projects and reducing the cost of prescription drugs (which President Trump is trying to do, with no help from Democrats in Congress).
  • With legislators focused on impeachment, little is actually happening. A Dem House and Republican Senate that disagree about impeachment is a recipe for paralysis, Van Drew said.
  • He ended with an appeal to let democracy take its course, pointing out that the next election is just over a year away. “Why don’t we let the people do the impeachment through the electoral process the way we usually do?” he asked. But will the radicals in his own party listen? — Probably not.

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