Delta Airlines Will Now Treat COVID Like a Seasonal Flu

Delta Airlines Will Now Treat COVID Like a Seasonal Flu

( – There’s good news for Delta Airlines employees this week after the company dropped a controversial health surcharge for unvaccinated staff. The move ends a two-tier system where the company penalized employees for their health choices. It’s also another step back towards normalcy after the COVID pandemic.

On April 13, Delta CEO Ed Bastian told journalists the company was dropping a $200 monthly surcharge it had been imposing on unvaccinated staff who used the airline’s health plan. Like other airlines, Delta resorted to heavy-handed tactics to push staff towards vaccination against COVID-19 — and it was more successful than most, with over 90% of its staff opting to take the vaccine rather than pay the surcharge.

In August of 2021, Delta, the only airline to apply a surcharge, claimed the move was necessary to cover the average $50,000 medical costs of unvaccinated staff who might require hospitalization due to COVID. In reality, the steep cost of remaining unvaccinated pushed most staff in the direction Delta wanted them to go.

Now, Delta is abandoning the extra charge. Announcing the policy change, Bastian said Delta corporate officers “really do believe that the pandemic has moved to a seasonal virus.”

Finally, even big businesses want to move on.

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