Defiance of Shut Down Orders = Jail Time

Defiance of Shut Down Orders = Jail Time

( – With all of the stay-at-home orders and guidance to shut down non-essential businesses across America, it has some people thinking. What would happen if one were to defy those orders? At least in the case of a Texan salon owner, jail time is part of the punishment.

Shelly Luther, owner of Salon À la Mode in Dallas, opened her business early in defiance of state orders. She had been issued a cease and desist and a restraining order, the former of which she tore up during a rally, saying everyone has a right to feed their children.

When Judge Eric Moyé heard the case, Luther was sentenced to seven days in jail and fined $7000 — one day of jail for each day the salon was open before reopening orders that go into effect on Friday, and a $3500 fine plus $500 for each day opened early.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is calling for Luther to be immediately released.

This is a gross overreaction to COVID-19-related shutdowns. Although America is mixed on whether states should open up before meeting federal guidelines, the decision is ultimately up to the state. Even still, defying shut down orders could land you time in jail just for trying to put food on the table.

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