Defense Department Gets Mocked After “Diversity” Push

Defense Department Gets Mocked After

( – Former President Barack Obama issued an executive order in August 2011 establishing a “coordinated government-wide initiative” to address issues involving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEIA) within the federal workforce. President Joe Biden expanded the program a decade later, shortly after assuming office. The Department of Defense (DOD) recently got mocked after pushing diversity in its inaugural DEIA summit.

On February 18, the DOD’s Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) posted a short clip on its Twitter account promoting its two-day summit. Noting that “diversity is a strategic imperative” to operational readiness, the post announced that DEIA experts would lead the gathering’s forum to advance diversity within the Defense Department — “because our people matter.”

As one might expect during this period of increased “wokeness,” Twitter users swiftly reacted to the post. For instance, Twitter head Elon Musk posted a comment reminding the DOD that its strategic imperative involved defending the US from foreign aggression.

Conservative activist and Judicial Watch head Tom Fitton followed up, accusing Leftists of attempting to turn the nation’s military services into an “enforcement arm of the ‘Party.'”

Trump ally and real estate entrepreneur Blair Brandt posted a tweet pointing out the ridiculous nature of the summit, noting that it bore no relevance to the DOD’s mission to address America’s national security threats. He reminded Twitter users that “China and Russia” are laughing at the US and its citizens, adding that the post promoting the ODEI summit reflects a lack of proper priorities within the administration.

As a postscript, anyone doubting the DOD’s investment in its diversity program should quickly examine the department’s 37-page strategic plan for addressing diversity and inclusion through the end of September 2023. Perhaps House Republicans could consider addressing the Biden administration’s apparent obsession with DEIA-related issues while negotiating its terms for raising the national debt ceiling with Democrats.

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