December DNC Debate: A Review

December DNC Debate: A Review

Well, the DNC debate actually DID happen in spite of the worker strike that threatened to cancel it. Unfortunately for us, we had to watch it to give you this report. Luckily for you, we’ve spared you three hours of squabbling between the Democratic presidential playing field.

So, here’s our overview of some key takeaways from this latest DNC show hosted by POLITICO and PBS NewsHour.

A Smaller Playing Field

Firstly, and perhaps most notably, the debate field shrunk from 10 candidates to 7 this time around. That means that everyone got to hear responses that were a little more in-depth than in previous debates. Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean there was 30% more substance to an answer from a Democrat.

Opening Statements, the Impeachment, and Bashing Trump’s Economy

They couldn’t leave the topic alone. The very first question of the debate centered around why Congress hasn’t been able to convince more Americans to buy into the impeachment farce being the right course of action. There weren’t any notable answers as the candidates played it safe and lied about what really happened: Trump did nothing wrong!

A DNC presidential debate wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory bashing of Trump’s incredible economy. Each candidate replied with some version of “the economy isn’t doing enough for the average American.” They didn’t initially go into what specifically would do more for Americans; that would happen later in the debate.

Hint: it’s more free stuff.

Tom Steyer also pretended to be the Democrat’s version of Trump and that we can “trust him” to make the right business decisions that would make America better. Sorry, Tom, there’s no need for your business skills right now (or ever). Buttigieg still tried to play the middle road on this topic (and in general) in spite of the backlash he gets from leftists

Climate Change

The topic of climate change was a big one for this debate.

  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) tried to pin the California fires on climate change while forgetting that Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) openly admitted that its crumbling and unmaintained infrastructure was to blame.
  • Steyer stated that he’d declare a state of emergency on day one of his presidency and alluded to a sort of Green New Deal plan to create jobs that would “solve the problem.”
  • Joe Biden openly admitted he would sacrifice economic growth and take away the jobs of hard-workingAmericans in the fossil fuel industry in favor of forcing green energy policies.

Racial Diversity

When asked about racial diversity on the debate stage, Andrew Yang felt disappointed that he’s the last person of color left. He also believes that Cory Booker “will be back” up to the debate stage at some point. Yang then stated that more people of color would become politicians with his patented $1000 a month UBI.

That “Freedom Dividend” seems to be Yang’s answer to everything.

Buttigieg then made the ridiculous claim that Trump is “welcoming white nationalists into the White House.” It’s almost like he’s grasping at straws to appeal to the radical Left. But, that wasn’t the only crazy statement he made, which we’ll get to in a moment.


One of the last big topics of the night revolved around China.

When asked about Chinese military expansion and a potential clash between China and the US, the field was deeply divided. Biden said a clash is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be a conflict. Steyer said “we can’t separate ourselves from China,” and that we need to work with China at all costs, especially to “solve” global warming

Klobuchar jumped on an opportunity to jab Trump when the topic of meeting with foreign officials to solve complicated problems. She called the president “thin-skinned” when receiving any sort of criticism. If that wasn’t dishonest enough, Buttigieg jumped right in and share his absurd idea that Trump is “echoing the vocabulary of dictators around the world.”

We’re not sure if Buttigieg truly believes this, or if he’s just trying to make as many sound bites as possible.

To wrap up one of the last “interesting” moments of the debate, Buttigieg and Klobuchar got into a little feud over their qualifications and ability to get things done.

What is blatantly obvious is that they’re both equally incompetent.

With that said, another DNC debate wraps up about as uneventfully as its inception. Things are surely heating up a bit with fewer and fewer candidates remaining on the field, but these debates are hardly interesting. What’s more interesting is how Trump will surely crush them all going into 2020.

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