Deadly Shooting in Oklahoma

Deadly Shooting in Oklahoma

In what appears to be an isolated incident, three people were killed in the parking lot of a Walmart in Duncan, Oklahoma on Monday.

No one else was injured and there were no other shooters in nearby areas.

This crime seems to be personal in nature and not politically motivated. The shooter found, shot, and killed his estranged wife and her boyfriend. More may have been killed before another citizen stepped took action.

Aaron Helton, an Army veteran, was at the Walmart at around 9:45 am local time when he heard gunshots in the parking lot. Aaron went outside to see another man put a gun to the shooters head. The individual told the shooter to cease fire, but the gunman turned the gun on himself and turned into the third casualty of the day.

Although this is a tragic crime of passion, it’s a reminder than an armed populace can prevent a bad situation from becoming worse. The gunman could have gone on a crazed rampage after finding his initial targets and wounded or killed more if not stopped by an armed citizen.

Please join us in praying for the residents of Duncan and those who are personally affected by this terrible act of violence.

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