Dark Money Backs Dems

Dark Money Backs Dems

Remember when Democrats complained about the Citizens United ruling that allowed virtually unlimited amounts of corporate funding towards political purposes? That outrage spurred grassroots movements for some Dems to draw more funding from people and less from corporations and super PACs.

Presidential candidates like Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Andrew Yang have enjoyed enormous success from their grassroots funding.

That didn’t stop most Dems from taking dark money to perpetuate their propaganda, though.

This revelation comes from Sixteen Thirty Fund’s tax filings from 2018. The Sixteen Thirty Fund is a Washington-based nonprofit that spent $141 million to support various Democratic agendas. Some of these programs included the resistance to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment, shifting voting laws to favor Dems and hiking up the minimum wage.

Over 100 Leftist causes were funded by this shady organization. We don’t know exactly where Sixteen Thirty Fund got its money because nonprofits who focus on “social welfare” aren’t required to reveal their donors. What we do know is that one donor who contributed $51.7 million alone.

Robert Maguire, research director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, commented on these findings:

“In terms of the size of dark money networks, there are only a few that have gone into the $100 million-plus range… These kinds of totals aren’t unheard of. I do think they’re unheard of on the liberal side. I think that’s what’s so striking about this.”

What do you think about Dems taking dark money from anonymous donors? Who do you believe was behind the massive $51.7 million donation? Let us know in the comments!

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