Dallas Employees Can Now Be Terminated for Misgendering

Dallas Employees Can Now Be Terminated for Misgendering

(RightWing.org) – There’s a growing backlash against wokeness, but Dallas has decided to double down on leftist extremism. A new policy means city employees will be forced to use “preferred pronouns” — and anyone who violates these guidelines, which in fact are strictly enforced rules, could end up being fired.

On June 3, Fox News reported on a new policy that’s been quietly rolled out by the city government in Dallas, Texas. It’s aimed at giving new rights to transgender employees, a woke obsession that’s provoking growing resistance from Americans who feel gender ideology has gone too far. It seems the city knows the policy isn’t going to be popular with everyone because they’ve built in some serious punishments for anyone who doesn’t want to go along with it.

In an internal document called “Workplace Gender Transition Protocols & FAQ,” city officials are told to “respectfully use” transgender employees’ “preferred name and pronoun,” — and it openly says everyone needs to do this, even if they don’t believe in gender ideology. If anyone refuses to use an employee’s preferred pronouns, that will be classed as discrimination and harassment. Offenders could face an internal investigation and potential punishments that go all the way up to termination. The policy recommends that managers should speak to transgender staff about punishments for anyone who doesn’t follow the guidelines.

Fox News says it has contacted the City of Dallas to ask if there’s an exemption from the policy based on religious beliefs. In response, the city said it’s “a safe and welcoming place for all residents and employees” and confirmed that violators could face disciplinary action. It also said the document had been produced by the Office of Equity and Inclusion — another sign of the growing influence of unelected officials in so-called DEI departments. Meanwhile, it didn’t actually answer Fox’s question, which suggests Dallas isn’t safe and welcoming for any residents or employees who don’t support gender ideology.

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