Daily Hot Picks — June 29th

NBC Censors Andrew Yang During Thursday Night Debates

Let’s watch the Left tear itself apart even more.

Fake news conglomerate NBC decided they only wanted Andrew Yang to speak when spoken to. His mic worked without issue when they asked Yang about his flagship proposal of providing every American $1,000 per month to “lift the economic boot off of peoples’ throats.” But, “suddenly” the mic turned off every time he wanted to interject during a discussion.

It’s laughable how NBC claims to provide real facts when they’re censoring one of their own. Maybe it’s funnier that the Left has been falling for NBC’s lies until now. Whichever dose of humor you prefer, it’s clear that NBC doesn’t tolerate any new ideas coming from the Left.

Kentucky Schools Implement Bible Courses

Proper religious education is finally happening in Kentucky thanks to one of their newest bills signed into law.

The Left touts how they’re so tolerant of other people and religions, yet they’re concerned about the potential “abuse” that could happen under this new act. They’re already complaining that the new classes may be unconstitutional. How is the education of faith unconstitutional when our country was founded on faith-based values? This bill is simply a step back to our roots.

Collusion Bingo Board Almost Filled

Jimmy Carter comes out of nowhere to say that Trump is only president because of Russia. Are ex-presidents who haven’t been in the public eye for decades the most credible sources Democrats can come up with? Looks like they actually believe this is going to work.

Maybe we’ll get to see Carter standing next to Clinton and Obama this year spouting fake collusion accusations.

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