Daily Hot Picks — June 27th

Two US Military Personnel Shot Down in Afghanistan

Mike Pompeo visited Afghanistan this Tuesday in hopes of reaching a peace agreement with the nation. The following day two brave US Soldiers were killed during a routine joint patrol with Afghan forces. The details of this attack are unknown and their names will be released 24 hours after their next of kin are notified.

Join us in praying for their families and friends still proudly serving our country.

China Thinks It’s New AI Guidelines are “Responsible”

When has China ever done anything responsible? They’ve covered up massive pollution scandals and treated their citizens like animals. Now, the government wants to further entrench their control over their citizens through AI-backed state surveillance.

This is the beginning of a new age in state-sponsored control. It’s easy to see through the Chinese government’s ill-natured intentions from the outside, but their citizens are trapped within the bubble. Even AI experts from the EU see the dangers of AI-controlled surveillance and how it negatively affects their countries.

There are examples of the dangers of uncontrolled AI all across the globe for America to learn from. Let’s not repeat their mistakes.

DNC Debates Air June 26th and 27th

Tired of all the bad news and bland comedy shows this week? Check out the recap of the first night of DNC debates and tune in for the big fish tonight! Let’s see how hard the Democrats flop this time.

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