Daily Hot Picks — June 26th

Iran Should Back Down After Trump’s Promise of Force

If the promise of US military force isn’t enough to convince a country to back down, then something’s wrong. Trump just promised to use “overwhelming force” against Iran if they continue their aggressive behavior. Only time will tell if the nation chooses to heed the president’s warning.

The last few weeks have been chaotic and unforgiving. Trump is looking for peaceful solutions, but that doesn’t mean he’s backing down if Iran strikes first. Iran has a choice to make — let’s hope they make the right one.

New Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Announced

Stephanie Grisham has been a long-time supporter and asset to the Trump administration. Her service started in 2015, and she’s spoken for First Lady Melania and vigilantly defended her against the Left. Stephanie is the natural candidate to take the Press Secretary position. She’ll continue to be Melania’s personal spokeswoman, which will be desperately needed as the 2020 campaign heats up.


Joe Biden “Champion of the Middle Class” Buys a $5 Million Home

The Democrats have largely abandoned the middle class, even while they “speak in their favor.” The truth is they never cared about bringing jobs back like Trump is doing. Now, Joe Biden’s move into a multi-million dollar mansion demonstrates how far-removed established Democrats are from the average Joe.

Remember, I got in trouble with some of the people on my team, on the Democratic side, because I said, you know, what I’ve found is rich people are just as patriotic as poor people.-Joe Biden

Nice try, Biden. Loyalty to one’s country doesn’t inherently mean you understand the general populace. Another slick attempt from the Left to dodge the question.


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