Daily Hot Picks — June 25th

Iran Gets New Sanctions From Trump

Trump is attempting to avoid a needless conflict at all costs. He pulled back from authorizing a strike only minutes before it was scheduled last week. Trump’s new attempt to get Iran under control is with economic pressure.

The Left accuses Trump of being a war hawk, but this action proves them wrong. Economic pressure convinced China and Mexico to act reasonably; it’s fair to assume that Iran will shape up after this event.

NOW The Left Thinks Trump’s Steel Tariffs Are Unconstitutional!

The Left doesn’t need to go to these lengths to tell us that they’re jealous of Trump’s accomplishments. Not only are his tariffs “unfair” and “too heavy-handed,” but now they’re “unconstitutional.” Unluckily for them, it seems that their case has no merit at all.

We continue to believe that we have a strong legal case that Section 232 is unconstitutional. Once the Federal Circuit has spoken, we expect that the losing party will ask the Supreme Court to review that decision.

-Richard Chriss, American Institute for International Steel

The Supreme Court has refused to hear their unfounded assault against Trump’s successful policies. The economy is better than ever under his watchful eye. Why can’t they just leave well enough alone?

Hypersonic Missile Development Is the New Cold War

War never changes — what does change are the methods of warfare. Technology is altering the methods of conflict yet again with super-advanced missiles that travel 15 times faster than the speed of sound. That’s fast enough to travel across the globe in mere minutes.

I’m sorry for everybody out there who champions some other high priority, some technical thing; it’s not that I disagree with those,” he told the room. “But there has to be a first, and hypersonics is my first.

-Michael D. Griffin, Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering

Thankfully our country is leading the pack in the development of these new missile systems. Whoever creates and stockpiles these new warheads first will have a massive advantage on the world stage. Technology changes the rules of war and the US is writing the playbook.

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