Daily Hot Picks — June 22nd

Trump Shows Mercy to Iran

Iran’s aggression towards a US unmanned drone was almost the match that started a fire. Trump warned the country and said it was a “very big mistake.” The US was ready to take action before Trump took his finger off the trigger.

Hopefully, Trump’s act of mercy towards Iran is enough to bring its leaders back to the discussion table. Only time will tell if Iran will come to its senses. The Middle Eastern nation’s recklessness could spark a conflict that no one wants.

We’ll keep you posted as the situation develops.

Pope Francis Calls for Greater Inter-Religious Communication

When was the last time you had a thoughtful (and civil) discussion with someone from another faith? It seems as if productive conversations are a rarity these days. Political rhetoric is the blame, sure, but not knowing the details of and practices in other beliefs is just as much of an issue.

Theological freedom is necessary. Without the possibility of trying new paths, you don’t create anything new. -Pope Francis

That’s why Pope Francis is calling for deepening one’s understanding of theology. We can’t learn more about other faiths if our schools and churches are restricting access to essential resources. Some organizations won’t even educate on beliefs that don’t directly fall within their safety bubble.

Francis wants institutions of faith to adopt a new policy of teaching theology. He says the new methods should focus on welcome, open and friendly dialogue with those of different minds. Flexibility is key when attempting to have any conversation, especially in matters of faith.

If we could have better conversations with others, maybe all of this bloodshed between Christianity and Islam could come to an end.

Missouri One Step Closer to Becoming Abortion-Free

Abortion laws across the country are being curtailed in an effort to create a moral and just society. Of course, the Left doesn’t want their “choice” to be restricted, so they look for the smallest details to argue over. Right now Dems are complaining about Missouri’s steps to shut down its final abortion clinic.

Though the clinic still stands and performs abortions, it seems to be on its last legs as far as the law is concerned. Missouri will soon join the ranks of other states that have (effectively) outlawed abortion. We’ll update you once Missouri is truly an abortion-free state that’s safer to live in for unborn babies.