Daily Hot Picks — June 20th

Orlando Trump 2020 Rally Rakes in $25 Million

The crowd was wild last night as Trump recounted his administration’s accomplishments and the booming economy he’s created. He also praised the virtues of hard-working Americans as they stood behind him during the hardest of times. Now, all of that effort has paid off.

Trump is more than ready to crush any 2020 DNC contender with this overwhelming support. His policy positions are as strong as ever, and he’s received more funding than the majority of other Democratic runners — all in a single night. This campaign trail can only lead straight back to the White House.

America Is Doing Everything to Avoid Iranian Conflict

Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, announced America’s good-natured intentions towards the Middle East in his latest press release. The US doesn’t want a war, just to ensure continued safety and prosperity in the region. A major conflict in the Middle East could be catastrophic.

Diplomats and leaders are still struggling to determine the nature of the attacks on two oil freighters last Thursday. The Pentagon released evidence suggesting that Iran was behind it. Even in light of this information, America is keeping a cool head and wants to settle this issue peacefully.

Dems Finally Want to Play Ball Over Border Funding

First, the Left prolonged the government shutdown of border wall funding early this year. Now, they’re finally ready to agree that the border crisis is real and want to allocate resources to it. That’s what you get when you’re dealing with thick-headed Lefties.

Our guys are going to have to be flexible going in, the president’s going to have to be flexible if he wants to get his defense number, and obviously he’s going to have to work with the Democrats on some of the things they want to get done. John Thune (R-SD)

The new funding bill to hit the Senate floor would allocate $4.5 billion to border resources. Months upon months of exhausting debates and rhetoric have taken place for us to arrive here. Democrats could have saved the livelihood of millions of Americans by compromising sooner, but at least the wait seems to be over now.