Daily Hot Picks — June 19th

Trump’s First 2020 Rally Is a Gigantic Event!

Trump’s rally in Orlando on Tuesday was a massive hit. It’s difficult to prepare for 100,000 people who want to fit into an arena that hosts 20,000. Still, the Orlando arena staff did an amazing job keeping it together with all the excitement in the air!

1,000 More Soldiers Sent to Middle East Amid High Tensions

Iran’s antagonizing behavior is putting every world leader on edge. The oil tanker strike from last week kicked off an explosive situation and heated debate over who is to blame. The Pentagon is sending 1,000 troops to the Middle East in response to quell any potential escalations. Trump confidently assures us that the situation is under control.

The Left Wants Better Treatment for Immigrants than Citizens

Democrats are demonstrating how other countries do more than the U.S. for their immigrants as a call to action to pass even more legislation. One has to ask “Is America the most powerful country in the world because it takes better care of its immigrants than its citizens?” Trump sees through the Left’s propaganda, and now he’s fixing the border crisis that the Democrats believe is making our country great.