Daily Hot Picks — June 18th

Quick Snippets of Democratic Recent Liberal Hypocrisy

The Left does so much wrong that it’s impossible to keep track of it all. That’s why we found this excellent clip exposing the Democrats for what they are: money-grabbing cheats looking to undermine our government. Catch up on the more recent controversy they’ve stirred up (and have a few laughs for your own sanity).

Iran Ramps up Uranium Production Over Oil Tanker Attacks

Iran still claims they have nothing to do with the attacks on two oil tankers late last week. Pompeo has presented evidence and grievances showing that Iran was likely involved in the strikes. Now, the country is threatening the world by massively increasing Uranium production. President Trump had this to say on Twitter:

We’ll continue to keep you updated on this dangerous situation.

Trump Denounces Flag Burning By Supporting New Bill

Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) recently introduced a bill that would make burning American flags illegal. It’s been a long time coming and Trump is throwing his support behind the notion. The president has witnessed first-hand how flag burning is harmful to the public discourse, so he’s taking action to protect everyone’s right to peaceful and productive speech. President Trump made his position clear on social media: