Daily Hot Picks – June 13th

Democrat Gets Away With Railing Trump Supporters on House Floor

It’s no secret that the Left hates Trump, but this is going too far. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) read a constituent’s letter during a House meeting that massively insulted Trump supporters. Apparently, they’re racist, ignorant and “just plain dumb” according to her. It’s outrageous that this kind of behavior is allowed in Congress.

Trump’s First 2020 Campaign Speech Massively Oversells Tickets

Trump fans can rejoice! An arena in Orlando, Florida drastically oversold its 20,000 available seats for Trump’s first 2020 rally. Don’t miss out on one of the (literally) biggest events of the year.

Private Property Doesn’t Matter When It Comes to the Border

Looks like the government doesn’t care about private property anymore. The International Boundary and Water Commission forcefully removed the lock on a private border wall’s gate in Dona Ana County in New Mexico. For a while, it was locked open, leaving the border in this area vulnerable to illegal immigrant crossing.

This section of the wall is privately funded and is on private land. It does, however, block access to a road leading to a public water facility. Sounds like some poor planning and some overreaction if you ask us. Now, the IBWC has agreed that the gate is to be locked at night but open during the day. Sounds like a good compromise, let’s just hope the illegals stay home until after dark.