Daily Hot Picks — July 9th

Jeffrey Epstein Goes to Court Over Alleged Sex Trafficking

There are so many stories of sexual abuse being reported lately. Some of them are clearly fake (like the ones against Trump), but this latest one is old news resurfacing. That doesn’t stop fake news networks like CNN and NBC from attempting to politicize this scandal.

Jeffrey Epstein is accused of bribing underage girls to give him massages and to have sex. Epstein pleaded not guilty on his first day of court in the face of 45 years in prison.

Other news outlets are pointing out connections to Epstein’s vast network of rich and famous friends, including Bill Clinton. Don’t they know that almost all rich people know each other? Maybe they’ll tell us the sky is blue next and call it news.

Whether he’s guilty or not, you can count on us to bring you unbiased updates on this shocking story.

Iran Brings More Threats to the Table

Iran says they’re open to peaceful discussions but refuse to talk to Trump. How can they want peace if they’re not going to talk to us?

Iran is now reducing its commitments to the nuclear deal they previously signed every two months. They claim they’ll back off of this threat if the remaining signatories help Iran find other economic solutions in the face of US sanctions. Iran has already breached the uranium limit — why should we trust them now?

We think Vice President Pence outlined the priority nicely on Twitter:

DNC Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Falsely Strikes at Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris called out Biden and his support of local bussing laws that affected her childhood on the debate stage. Harris stated that those laws affected her, but that she didn’t believe Biden was a racist. Whatever you think of this mess, it only gets worse.

Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) is trying to say that Harris WAS calling Biden racist.

Does Gabbard need hearing aids? Harris openly said she didn’t believe Biden is a racist. Instead, Harris criticized his support of the racial policy. She believes that one doesn’t have to be a racist while supporting racist laws. The whole situation is a mess, but Tulsi is picking out (fake) soundbites to attack.

Tulsi is showing that the Left will squabble over the most trivial of issues.

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