Daily Hot Picks — July 6th

Andrew Yang Is First of DNC Candidates to Denounce Antifa Violence

The Left has a problem of not addressing all forms of political violence. Yes, there are extremists on both sides of the aisle, but the Left doesn’t always call out its own. Antifa is a dangerous, left-wing protesting group that often resorts to violence.

Journalists like Andy Ngo follow Antifa around to capture footage and show the world what they’re up to. He hasn’t made any friends with Antifa for his actions, but he’s also not attacking anyone. Last week Andy took multiple blows to the head and had objects thrown at him during an Antifa protest. A couple of Antifa members peacefully escorted him away from the scene, but many others continued to throw milkshakes at him.

Only one DNC candidate, Andrew Yang, seems to show any interest about this assault on journalism in America.


Yang is the first presidential runner to comment on this danger to our democracy. He understands the crucial importance of free speech and enabling journalists to report on stories without fear of retaliation. A lot of lefties laughed at Andy for being assaulted, but Yang is one of the few Dems who shows solidarity for someone he may not agree with in the spirit of upholding American values.

The Right should reward good actions from the Left when we see it — let’s hope more lefties follow Yang’s example of unity over political rhetoric.

Israel Begins Preparations for Potential Iranian Conflict

Iran’s recent actions are pushing everyone over the edge of their seat in anticipation, fear and anxiety. They’ve breached their end of the nuclear agreement and threatened to shoot down US drones in their airspace. Israel is much closer to the unstable Iran than us, so naturally, Israel is preparing for a potential major conflict in the Middle East.


Israel doesn’t necessarily want war, but they have to take as many precautions as possible. They live with highly-aggressive forces pushing at their borders 24/7. National security is always at the forefront is Israel’s policies.

China Tests Missiles in Middle of Ocean

China is testing missiles in the ocean in the midst of Trump’s meeting with Japan. Is this a show of force, a threat or simply a pre-planned event? The details are unclear so far, but what is clear is that China is preparing for something. Hopefully, the nation isn’t planning to do anything unwise in the near future.

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