Daily Hot Picks — July 4th

Trump Raises $105 Million in Second Quarter

America has its finances in the right place. Trump only started his 2020 campaign last month and he’s raised more than Obama did during Q2 of his re-election campaign. The American people aren’t ready to give up the White House to the Left, which is an encouraging sign of things to come.

This road only leads to one place: back to the White House.

How to Stay Safe with Fireworks Tonight

Fireworks are all fun and games until someone gets hurt. They’re no joke, even if your children think it’s hilarious to shoot Roman candles at each other. Here’s a helpful safety guide we found to show your children how to be safe with explosives. We know you’re aware of how to safely play with fire, but these tips will refresh your memory and help you prepare for every situation.

And don’t forget vets and pets! Many are frightened by the explosions and dogs are prone to running off. Keep them safely inside and try to minimize the noise for them. Vets who suffer from PTSD can have episodes triggered by the loud booms. Please be considerate of those around you.

Jukebox Suggestion — God Bless the USA

Who doesn’t love classic American tunes during their Fourth of July festivities? Whether you’re setting up a playlist or just browsing at your own leisure, here’s a song you and your family shouldn’t miss out on.

Have a happy, safe holiday and God bless the USA!

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