Daily Hot Picks — July 31st

California Tries to Bully Trump to Release Tax Returns

We’ve lost count of how many times Democrats have tried to force Trump into releasing his tax records. This time Gavin Newsom, California’s Governor, signed a law that requires all presidential primary candidates to release their taxes to appear on the state’s primary ballots. It’s a shot directly aimed at Trump, but it has the potential to completely misfire.

The issue for Dems is that there are no viable Republican candidates to run against Trump during the primaries. That means Trump could completely avoid running in the state primaries, thus not having to release his tax records through leftist subversion tactics. Meanwhile, those same Dems will be subjected to their own legislation!

Absolutely hilarious.

Trump Goes Hard on China

Earlier this year China refused to cooperate with America due to the trade war. Trump’s economic pressures on China brought them back to the negotiation table. Of course it was going to work, but now there’s proof of the impact Trump tariffs are having on China’s economy.

The US is in an incredible global position when it comes to our economic and political influence. Countries across the world keep learning the hard way that they’ll lose if they play hard-ball with America. Maybe one day they’ll understand.

Ilhan Omar Cries About Violence; Then Endorses Violence Against Rand Paul

Let’s set the stage.

Last year Rand Paul was mowing his lawn when his neighbor got fed up with whatever it is Paul was doing. The neighbor attacked Paul and broke some of his ribs. Rand Paul would later be treated for pneumonia.

Now, just this week Ilhan Omar (D-MN) retweeted a comedian commenting on the incident. This is in light of Omar complaining about the violence supposedly being encouraged against her last week. It was “just a joke” about an attack that inflicted serious injuries on a sitting Senator. Joking about violence isn’t funny in any situation.

Is this Ilhan’s dark sense of humor, or is she promoting violence against those that she disagrees with? Chime in with your comments below!

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