Daily Hot Picks — July 2nd

Tanks May Appear for Trump’s 4th of July Show

When is the last time you saw tanks at an Independence Day show?

If you’re in the Washington D.C. area, don’t miss Trump’s incredible parade! He’s requested tanks to show up at the National Mall, but that’s still in the works. No matter what, attendees will be treated to extra fireworks and fighter jet flyovers! It’ll be a night to remember thanks to our great president.

Iran Calls for Unity in OPEC Meeting

Bijan Zanganeh, Iran’s Oil Minister, is attempting to level the playing field during an OPEC meeting.

Tensions are extremely high due to the oil tanker attacks weeks ago and all subsequent events. Iran is attempting to use this latest OPEC meeting in search for ways to get out of the economic hole they dug themselves into. Discussions are still underway, even if they’re slow and drawn-out. Hopefully, a peaceful deal is possible.

Rhode Island Catholic Church Releases Names of 50 Sexual Abusers

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence just released the names of priests and deacons who sexually abused children.

The list dates back to 1950, and only 19 of the individuals are still alive. Most of them are no longer part of the church. The Rhode Island church released these names after a Catholic ruling called for individuals to report these horrific actions to their church authorities. The state is one of the most predominantly Catholic states in the country.

The victims greatly appreciate the transparency and hope that other Catholic churches will follow suit.

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